‘Finding Dory’ Disney Infinity 3.0 Play Set – Plot Details, Gameplay & Character Looks

Additional plot details and looks at Dory and Nemo from the Finding Dory Disney Infinity 3.0 play set.
Finding Dory Disney Infinity

Although the Disney Infinity franchise will be coming to a close in the coming months, the Finding Dory and Alice Through The Looking Glass playsets will still release before the team officially wraps up the platform.

Today, Disney Infinity’s website provided updated play set plot details and descriptions for Dory and Nemo. We anticipate that the site will be updated with an additional gameplay trailer as well as news of the other playset characters very soon (this post will be updated upon their announcement).

While we wait for the June release of the playset, check out the additional details below.


After hearing about an unexpected flood at the Marine Life Institute, Dory, Nemo, Marlin, and friends rush to the aid of the lost fish to help them find their way to safety before the tanks are drained.



Disney Dan has also done an excellent job providing a quick look at some gameplay from the newly downloadable patch and Toy Box featuring elements that will be able to be unlocked in the Finding Dory playset. Most notable is the gorgeous skydome (featuring swimming stingrays and kelp), a ride-ready stingray, and an awesome photo of Darla to adorn your Toy Box! Check out some of Dan’s videos giving a look at the Dory-themed Toy Box.

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