Andrew Stanton’s Impromptu ‘Finding Dory’ Twitter Q&A Session – 81 Questions Answered

Andrew Stanton held an impromptu Q&A on Twitter – this post summarizes the best of his tips and answers regarding Finding Dory.
Andrew Stanton Finding Dory Twitter QA

Andrew Stanton, the superb storyteller, and director of Finding NemoWALL•E, and the upcoming, Finding Dory held an impromptu question-and-answer session on Twitter during an extra hour he had while traveling. Along with some great insights into the film, Stanton also chatted about some of the Easter Eggs (hidden items), as well as joked around with fans. Below we have summarized some of Andrew’s responses – we were even lucky enough to have him respond to one of our questions.

All tweets have the original question in gray below Andrew’s response.




In total, Andrew responded to 81 questions over the 46 minutes of the Q&A…whew! As a side note, Julie and I were at Target shopping for Finding Dory merchandise when Andrew started the Q&A session. We were walking around reading tweets to each other, coming up with questions, and filling our cart – if anyone was paying attention to us, I’m sure we looked crazy!

We were particularly excited to hear there is a high probability of getting a Cars 3 preview ahead of Dory in theaters as people have been clamoring for more details from the film (slated to come out in just one year on June 16, 2017).

Also, the plethora of easter eggs in Finding Dory are sure to keep fans searching for years to come – in the meantime, we have started a post dedicated to the hidden references we’ve already spotted. Which of Andrew’s responses was the most interesting to you? Leave a comment below or chat about them in the Pixar Post Forum with other Dory fans.

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