Sia Will Make a Splash In ‘Finding Dory’ Singing ‘Unforgettable’ In The End Credits

Watch Sia’s performance of “Unforgettable” (from the Finding Dory soundtrack) on the Ellen DeGeneres show!
Dory as Sia

Singer-songwriter Sia will make her Pixar debut as she joins the Finding Dory team performing the end credit song, ‘Unforgettable’. The classic song is widely known for the Natalie Cole tribute duet with her late father Nat King Cole back in 1992 — though it dates back to 1951 when songwriter, Irving Gordon originally created the timeless tune.

Creating a modern rendition of the song, Sia gushed about her fondness for the forgetful Blue Tang fish stating, “Dory’s story makes me teary…when Ellen asked me, I couldn’t refuse!”. It wasn’t just Ellen who admired the wig-wearing singer as Finding Dory director Andrew Stanton has long been a fan of Sia and expressed his admiration for her addition to the film,

“In the same way Robbie Williams did his own unique twist on a classic song for ‘Finding Nemo,’ Sia captures the soulful truth of the Nat King Cole classic ‘Unforgettable,’ and makes it all her own,” said Stanton. “They are a perfect complement to one another, just like the two films.”

The Ellen Show will debut Sia’s performance of ‘Unforgettable’ today (May 20), check your local listings or view it directly below. The Finding Dory soundtrack featuring Thomas Newman’s score and Sia’s rendition of ‘Unforgettable’ will be available from Walt Disney Records on June 17, 2016.

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