Is Hank From ‘Finding Dory’ Pixar’s Ultimate Easter Egg?

Andrew Stanton and Ed ONeil

In a humorous video just uploaded by PixarFinding Dory Director, Andrew Stanton and Ed O’Neill (voice of Hank) give us a closer look at Hank the septopus (he’s a 7-armed octopus) and his amazing camouflaging skills. The pair joke (for April Fools Day) that Hank has been hiding in his camouflaged state in every Pixar film made to date — but the most notable moments from the short video come from the background.

In the video, we get confirmation that Hank does indeed help Dory around the Marine Life Institute (as we predicted in our live Hangout video) using a variety of devices — like a coffee pot and a drink cup. Additionally, we couldn’t help but notice some other gems like a Crush the Turtle sculpture hanging from the ceiling and a great look at a map of the Marine Life Institute park.

The Marine Life Institute map really gets us excited for the film — it is going to be a blast as the characters move around the aquarium and interact with each other. It certainly looks like the Pixar team created another amazing and immersive set for their characters to explore. Be sure to chat about your thoughts from the new video, the Crush easter egg, and map with other fans in the Pixar Post Forum

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