Underwater Worlds, Aquarium Research Trips & Hank’s Character Design – Learn More ‘Finding Dory’ Details

Finding Dory Fun Facts showcase Hank the septopus character design, Renderman RIS and aquarium research trips.
Finding Dory ray migration concept art

Hold your breath and get ready to dive into some incredible “Fun Facts” surrounding Pixar’s upcoming film, Finding Dory. With Oh My Disney revealing details on the character design of the cantankerous septopus, Hank, to the improved Renderman system – Finding Dory is gearing up to be an “o-FISH-ial” hit!

Finding Dory Hank Concept Art

1. Hank, the camouflaging septopus, has more than 350 “suckers” on his seven tentacles. The Finding Dory Simulation team worked on making each sucker replicate the natural movement.

2. While Hank’s mouth is close to the floor his character design leads to the majority of his expressions coming from his eyes and eyebrows.

3. During research for the film the team took thousands of pictures of real-life aquarium quarantines from the point of view of fish creating an authentic look (which we discussed with a fishery expert during one of our Finding Dory trailer discussions). The team focused on not only the guest areas of the aquarium but the employee-only areas where lurking grime and puddles hide.

4. In the underwater world where Dory lives, you’ll notice the team created a reef of colors with soft, round shapes to showcase warmth and familiarity.

Finding Dory Concept Art Hank in aquarium

5. Inside the Marine Life Institute that warmth and familiarity are gone, leaving harsh lines and sense of danger to the environment.

6. When animating the ocean scenes the team was careful not to repeat shapes in patterns.

Finding Dory touch tank concept art

7. Just about 103,000 storyboards were delivered to the Editorial team. 

8. Finding Dory will be the first Pixar film to utilize the newly improved rendering system, Renderman RIS – enabling more realistic lighting.

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