Pixar Post Podcast 047: ‘Coco’ animation begins, ‘Finding Dory’ and ‘Piper’ news & much more

In Ep 47 of Pixar Post Podcast we discuss the animation kickoff of Pixar’s Coco, Finding Dory news, Piper news & Danielle Feinberg’s amazing TED Talk.
Pixar Post Podcast 47

In episode 047 of the Pixar Post Podcast, we discuss the animation kickoff of Pixar’s CocoFinding Dory news (Art of book, soundtrack, fun facts), Piper news (Alan Barillaro, the score, the concept artwork) and chat about Danielle Feinberg’s amazing TED Talk about the science of light (with audio clips).

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  • Kicking off the show, we put Julie under pressure and ask her a question from the Ultimate Inside Out Trivia Quiz (via Oh My Disney).
  • At 1:37 into the show, we discuss Lee Unkrich’s tweet regarding the kickoff of the animation team on, Coco.
  • 3:01 Finding Dory news
    • We discuss some recent fun facts released and get geeky calculating the average number of storyboards created by the story team (103,000) and breaking that down per year (1,635 – assuming 18 average story team members over 3.5 years) and per day (6.28 – assuming a 5 day work-week).
    • Also chat about the release date of the Finding Dory Soundtrack & the newly updated Art of Finding Dory book cover (and “look inside” details).
    • EW article about the ease of vocal casting due to Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show.
    • In case you missed the map of the Marine Life Institute from the April Fool’s joke video, it’s worth another look to get the layout of the park.
  • 12:45 After Inside Out quiz question #2 for Julie, we delve into Piper
  • 26:39 After Inside Out quiz question #3 for Julie, we chat about Danielle Feinberg’s TED Talk about the science of light (with audio clips).

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