Watch The Complete ‘Riley’s First Date’ Short on Disney Movies Anywhere – For A Limited Time

Watch Riley’s First Date For a limited time on Movies Anywhere and now on Disney+.
Watch Riley's First Date

For a limited time, you can go back into the world of Inside Out and watch the complete short film, Riley’s First Date exclusively on the Disney Movies Anywhere website or iOS app.

UPDATED: You can now watch Riley’s First Date on Disney+.

Directed by Josh Cooley (current co-director Toy Story 4), the short focuses on the minds of Riley’s parents as they speculate the possibility of their daughter going on a first date with the emotions trying to act “cool”.

“We were working on Inside Out, we had this connection because we all have daughters. We would talk about our kids and it eventually became fathers-of-daughters support group. One of them said, ‘Just wait until she’s old enough to bring home her first boy.’ That became the premise of the short film.”

Josh Cooley

Watch a clip of Riley’s First Date below and then enjoy the full short on Disney+.

Of course, you can always watch Riley’s First Date included on the Inside Out Blu-ray and DVD release – view the full list of special features in our summary post.

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