Pixar Post Podcast 046: Interview with ‘The Good Dinosaur’ Directing Animator, Rob Thompson & Animator, Kevin O’Hara and much more

Go behind-the-scenes of The Good Dinosaur’s animation team with Kevin O’Hara and Rob Thompson in the Pixar Post Podcast.
Pixar Post Podcast The Good Dinosaur

In episode 046 of the Pixar Post Podcast, we continue our behind-the-scenes look at The Good Dinosaur and chat with Directing Animator, Rob Thompson, and Animator, Kevin O’Hara. We also chat about the big Golden Globe win for Inside Out, the wonderful Sanjay’s Super Team “making of” video, and much more.


Starting at 21:19 into the podcast, we share our interview with Directing Animator, Rob Thompson, and Animator, Kevin O’Hara. Rob and Kevin share amazing insights into the process of animating a quadruped (4-legged animal) and talk through some great insights into the process of animating on The Good Dinosaur.

Anyone interested in animation or looking to get into animation definitely should listen to this interview as the pair share industry terminology and set a great base for animation at Pixar.

In our discussion after the presentation, we also mentioned a sample quadruped walk cycle video – this 45-minute tutorial is located on Vimeo.

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