2016 Animation Demo & Lecture Masterclass with Pixar Animator, Michal Makarewicz

The 2-day Animation Demonstration and Lecture Masterclass from the Animation Collaborative is taking its classes on the road.
Animation Collaborative Masterclass

Whether you’re a student of animation or an experienced professional looking to add some polish and finesse to your animation workflow, there is no better way to piggyback on your skills than by attending a course geared specifically towards your field. Throughout 2016, the Animation Collaborative is taking their personalized animation education experience on the road — possibly to a city near you (read on).

The 2-day Animation Demonstration and Lecture Masterclass was crafted to provide an in-depth look at the workflow (through presentation and demonstration) of Pixar animator, Michal Makarewicz. We can tell you from personal experience chatting with Michal on several occasions (including on our podcast), that his style is extremely engaging and you can completely feel his passion for not only animation but also educating people about the art form of animation. 

Animation Collaborative masterclass

As the Directing Animator on Pixar’s upcoming, Finding Dory, Michal has a unique ability to handle massive technical challenges with many moving parts (like animating each brick of LEGO Bunny’s insanely-fast transitions in Toy Story of TERROR!) while still allowing subtle nuances to come through in his work (like his fantastic animation when Anton Ego first tastes Remy’s ratatouille dish…think of the subtleties in Ego’s eyes and face as he is transported back in time after tasting the food). Watch samples of Michal’s animation in the demo reel below.


The full curriculum can be found on the Masterclass site, but a few highlights are noted below.


  • Blocking Workflow
  • Planning
  • The Graph Editor
  • Timing – new lecture!
  • Acting & Performance – new lecture!
  • Eyes
  • Brows
  • Working with Dialogue
  • Polish
  • Demo Reel Advice – new lecture!
  • Q&A 

DEMO (in Maya):

  • Bouncing Ball
  • Complex Physical Shot
  • Acting Shot


As we mentioned previously, these types of events are not only fantastic educational opportunities, but, from our attendance at these types of classes we can also say that they provide many networking opportunities and are great for energizing you personally and creatively.

Additional details regarding tour dates and locations are below — be sure to follow the Animation Demo & Lecture Masterclass website, Facebook, and Twitter for additional details and dates as they are added in 2016.

  • San Jose (Cogswell Polytechnical College) — January 30-31
  • Los Angeles (Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Games + Animation) — February 20-21
  • Vancouver (Vancouver Film School) — March 5-6

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