Cars Mechanical Institute: Explore Automotive Technology & Science at the Petersen Museum

Take a look at the new Cars Mechanical Institute at the Petersen automotive museum featuring Lightning McQueen
Petersen Museum Pixar Cars

Whether you’re an automotive geek or simply a fan of the Cars franchise of films, the newly renovated Petersen Museum’s “Cars Mechanical Institute” in Los Angeles, California is sure to capture your attention.

Join Lightning McQueen and other familiar Cars friends as you’re guided through an augmented reality experience into the rich technology, science, and physics that help build the cars of today. Voiced by the original actors from the films, guests will not only experience their favorite characters inside the “Institute” but also throughout the museum’s other exhibits with a digital scavenger hunt.

After a year shutdown and a $125 million renovation, the sprawling museum has opened its doors to a fresh (gorgeously designed) look at automotive history and innovation. Integrating the Cars franchise was just a piece of the overall 3-story rebuilding which also features automotive art and artifacts, over 100 vehicles to explore, Microsoft Xbox Forza racing simulators, and much more.

As part of the grand opening, MotorWorldHype got a chance to sit down with Cars franchise guardian, Jay Ward. Listen as Jay chats about how his “guardian” role organically formed over time, how he worked with the museum to make an exhibit that engaged the whole family, and even a brief history of Pixar’s private bi-annual Motorama car show.

Thanks to Andrew B. at MotorWorldHype for the video. You can also view their complete video tour of the museum on their YouTube page as well.

The Cars Mechanical Institute will be open in just a few weeks – head over to the Petersen Museum site for more details on how to visit and buy tickets.

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