Episode 044 of the Pixar Post Podcast – ‘Toy Story That Time Forgot’ Interview & Easter Egg Chat with Director, Steve Purcell

In episode 44 of the Pixar Post Podcast we interview Toy Story That Time Forgot director, Steve Purcell. Listen in now for all the Easter Egg details.
Pixar Post Podcast 44 Steve Purcell

Episode 044 of the Pixar Post Podcast is dedicated to Toy Story That Time Forgot – listen in as we review the Blu-ray release and chat with Director, Steve Purcell regarding the production process, working with the voice actors, and even discuss a few uncovered Easter Eggs.

  • Kicking off the show, we chat about the in-home release of Toy Story That Time Forgot and run through our favorite moments from the special features. 
  • At 11:50 seconds into the show, we welcome our special guest, Steve Purcell, to chat about the release, the special features and some additional behind-the-scenes details from the television special.
Toy Story That Time Forgot Easter Egg


During the episode, Steve mentioned a few additional Easter Eggs and hidden items which were previously uncovered.

He noted that the three stylized posters behind Bonnie & Mason in the video game room represented upcoming Pixar films – CocoInside Out, and Cars 3 — each crafted to subtly hint at the films (for instance, Rainbow Unicorn’s mane was stylized to represent Inside OutCoco featured Dia de los Muertos flower designs & a road and lug nuts signified Cars 3). He also clued us in that the children on the Battlesaur product boxes were Riley’s classmates from Inside Out!

Steve noted, “We create so many assets in the company, it’s fun to be able to find a place for assets in a different show from where they were designed” — we couldn’t agree more — be sure to reference our original Easter Egg post for even more fun hidden treasures from Toy Story That Time Forgot (fully updated with more Inside Out references…and new hidden gems we only spotted after we saw the show in high definition).

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