Featured Artist: Stephy Coffey’s Wonderful ‘Inside Out’ Fan Art & More

Check out some amazing fan art of Inside Out and Toy Story by Stephy Coffey
Inside Out Fan Art Stephy Coffey

When you think of Inside Out, what’s the first thing you think of? Is it Pete Docter, the film’s director? Is it Bing Bong, Riley’s lovable and tear-inducing imaginary friend? Or is it the fantastic cast of emotions, with their pre-defined traits and quirky nature? No matter which element wins in your book, you can’t deny the brilliant colors and superb designs of the emotions.

In this wonderful piece by our first featured artist, Stephy Coffey, you get a perfect feel for each emotion’s core sensibility. No stranger to crafting fanatic Pixar fan pieces, we’ve gravitated to Stephy’s work over the last few years with her upbeat styling and classic flare.

She fits right in the vein of artists like Lorelay Bové (from a design perspective) and Brittney Lee (from a character and color perspective) and we couldn’t have been happier with her Inside Out piece. During a conversation with Stephy, we asked if she had a piece we could feature on our site (since we’re such fans) — we were even more thrilled when she created an exclusive piece for us to showcase. Thank you, Stephy.

Toy Story Fan Art Stephy Coffey

Additionally, be sure to visit Stephy’s websiteTwitter, and Instagram pages.

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