Stunning New Interactive Poster For ‘The Good Dinosaur’ Released Including New Production Challenges Faced by the Team

The Good Dinosaur Moving Poster

Disney•Pixar’s newest feature film, The Good Dinosaur may be set in a wild and rough terrain however, the new theatrical poster highlights the magic of friendship between the two main characters in a very serene setting.

The stunning interactive poster showcases a scene from the official trailer where Arlo and Spot watch the twinkling lights of the fireflies in pure wonderment. Released exclusively on Mashable’s Snapchat Discover page director Peter Sohn explained his appreciation for the app “It’s almost like capturing lightning in a bottle.”

In addition to the newly released motion poster (full, high-resolution added above), Sohn shared the challenges he and the team faced when creating a landscape that was “big enough to make a dinosaur feel small.”

The research focused much on the northwest – Wyoming, Idaho, and Oregon with the artists observing the dangerous elements of the terrain. We always appreciate the level of research that goes into each film and The Good Dinosaur animation team kept busy as they analyzed digital topographic maps (created by the U.S. Geological Survey) to implement the actual altitude of the mountains and various other terrains into Arlo’s world. 

The plot synopsis of The Good Dinosaur describes Arlo falling into a river after a tragic accident and that same river will be the emotional tie to Arlo throughout the film. Sohn describes that when Arlo is struggling internally, the water will be rolling.

When he’s enjoying nature or connecting to Spot, the water “would be calm and grasslike. There was a lot of work in trying to make that connection,” noting he hopes the film’s setting is “beautiful and threatening at the same time.”

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