‘The Good Dinosaur’ Campfire Screenshot & Brief Chat With Peter Sohn

The Good Dinosaur Screencap

A new article released earlier today from Evening Standard gave us a look at a new screenshot of Arlo and Spot having a fireside chat with Butch and Ramsey (Nash, the other T-Rex from the trio is not shown – updated screenshot added). We get the sense that Butch, voiced by the gritty and stoic, Sam Elliott is imparting some serious words of wisdom. In addition to the screenshot, Evening Standard also talked with Peter Sohn, director of The Good Dinosaur, and discussed the film’s progression.

The project started five years ago and the story got pretty complicated. It became like a father and son story and started pulling away from what was fun about a boy with this dinosaur. There was a story change and they asked me to take over and that process has taken two years. These films take forever to make and you can lose objectivity. Trying to understand what made that first idea great and holding onto certain kernels of that is a big balance.

Peter Sohn

Thanks to Pixar Post Forum user Pricklepants for spotting the new image.

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