Watch The Complete ‘Lava’ Short Film on Disney Movies Anywhere – For A Limited Time (UPDATED)

Want to watch the Lava short film, check out our guide to stream the Pixar volcano love story featuring Uku and Lele.
Pixar Lava Screecap of Lele

UPDATED: November 3, 2015

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You can now enjoy the entire Lava short film in more ways! Watch the short film by itself on Amazon, Apple TV, YouTube’s Disney Music channel, or Disney+.

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Now through August 12, you can get your Lava fix by watching the complete short film exclusively on the Disney Movies Anywhere app for Apple iOS devices.

Pixar Lava Screencap

Whether you missed it in theaters, or just want to enjoy the short again, now is the perfect time to relive the volcanic tale before it’s released alongside the Inside Out Blu-ray (releasing November 3 – Order here).

The news was revealed this morning in a USA Today article that also included a brief interview with Lava Director, Jim Murphy. We particularly enjoyed the additional details Jim mentioned when leading up to the pitch process with John Lasseter.

Murphy’s worked with Lasseter for years so he wasn’t nervous about singing in front of him — [Lasseter] owns more than 1,000 Hawaiian shirts so a song like I Lava You is probably right in the Pixar guru’s wheelhouse. What intimidated Murphy more was simply baring his soul musically. “I actually wrote this to myself in my ukulele case on a Post-It: ‘Remember: perform it, have fun with it and put yourself out there.’ Because that’s what John wants,” Murphy says.

In addition to the short film, be sure to stay tuned to Pixar Post as we’ll be releasing audio from our one-on-one interview with Jim Murphy next week (part of episode 41). Finally, if you enjoyed the short, you obviously also love the song – be sure to read our review of the touching track and pick up the e-book of the short film as well.


Listen to the Lava soundtrack today on Amazon, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube’s Disney Music, or YouTube Music.


Also, if you’re a fan of Lava, be sure to watch our video review of the digital Lava storybook and buy it on Amazon.

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