Episode 040 of the Pixar Post Podcast – Our Chat with ‘Inside Out’ Character Lighting Lead Angelique Reisch, ‘The Good Dinosaur’ Trailer, Disney Infinity 3.0 & More

Pixar Post Podcast episode 40

In episode 040 of the Pixar Post Podcast, we chat about our continued experience at the Inside Out press event, where we bring you our interview with Angelique Reisch (Inside Out Character Lighting Lead). We also chat about the rating of the first full-length The Good Dinosaur trailer, Disney Infinity 3.0 release date and D23 Expo details, our review of the Toy Story Legacy Collection soundtrack (with clips), and much more.

Pixar News

  • Kicking off the show, we discuss the news of the first full-length The Good Dinosaur trailer rating – when can we expect its release? UPDATED – Well, right after we talked about it, the trailer was released – watch the trailer here!
  • At 3:48 into the show, we chat about Brave‘s Merida appearing in an upcoming episode of Once Upon A Time
  • Starting at 6:52 into the podcast we chat about the August 30, 2015 release date for Disney Infinity 3.0, the exclusives to watch out for, the benefits of pre-ordering and the August 16, 2015 event at the 2015 D23 Expo.
  • At 12:53 into the podcast, we present our review of The Legacy Collection: Toy Story soundtrack. We chat about the packaging, the design, the 2-disc set as well as how to access the exclusive bonus content found in the retail edition. (We also made a quick mention of the Toy Story Sketchbook).

SDCC – Sanjay’s Super Team Panel Wrap-up

  • Last week, Sanjay’s Super Team Director, Sanjay Patel and Producer, Nicole Paradis Grindle held a session at the 2015 San Diego Comic Con and not only screened the short film, but also dove into the background development and inspiration for the short. Starting at 22:25 into the episode, we provide a detailed wrap-up session of the panel (including the audience Q&A session).
Sanjay's Super Team Panel

Inside Out Interview with Angelique Reisch

Inside Out Lighting
  • Starting at 32:23 into the podcast we present our discussion with Angelique Reisch as she walks though a day-in-the-life of a Lighting team member, discusses the Principles of Lighting (which are fantastic) and talks through some of the challenges and successes from Inside Out. Pay special attention to the chat about the newly developed geometry light that the Renderman team created – this is a great example of teamwork and brilliant technology as they turned Joy into a light source (rather than solely being lit).
  • Additionally, at 58:45 into the episode, we also were lucky enough to chat with Angelique one-on-one to delve into a few more details from Inside Out.
Angelique Reisch lighting on Inside Out

Be sure to let us know your thoughts on the episode below and stay tuned as we’ll be releasing audio from all of our group and one-on-one interviews from the press event with even more tips, details, and fun from the Inside Out event.

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