Breaking – ‘The Good Dinosaur’ First Full Length Trailer Released (Updated with Music Notes)

The Good Dinosaur Fireflies Spot and Arlo

From the emotional moment that Arlo and Spot are first introduced to the gorgeous landscapes, the first full-length trailer for the November 25, 2015 release of The Good Dinosaur, captures you right away.

The 2:16 trailer gives us a great look into the treacherous journey Arlo must take to return home after getting swept away in a river’s roaring rapids. Watch the trailer below and then join us this evening (July 21, 2015) at 10:00 PM EST / 7:00 PM PST to discuss the trailer in our Live On-Air Google Hangout.

Also notice that it appears that Arlo has injured his right front leg during his many tumultuous moments and is walking with a limp. This will surely add to the difficulty he must overcome — along with what appears to be countless enemies along the way.


You can also join us this evening (July 21) at 10:00 PM EST / 7:00 PM PST to discuss the trailer in more detail on our Live On-Air Google Hangout. Watch directly on YouTube or watch along right here (with the embedded video below). In addition to the Google Hangout, you can also start chatting about your thoughts on the trailer in the Pixar Post Forum (additional screenshots shown as well). We’ll also compile reader feedback from the forum for our On-Air Hangout as well.


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You may also be wondering what songs appear in the trailer. The initial song is a track specifically written for trailers called Leap of Faith by X-Ray Dog (Thanks for the tip Jonathan W), and the second song is actually called Crystals by Of Monsters And Men and can listen to the song on Amazon, Apple Music, or Spotify.

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