Matt Jones’ Exploratory ‘Inside Out’ Concept Artwork

Inside Out Concept Art by Matt Jones

Gesture aficionado and former Pixarian, Matt Jones recently dug into his Inside Out concept artwork archive, and the humor, ideas, and artwork were so smart we wanted to highlight a few pieces. What stands out the most is the sheer amount of ideas and directions which were explored throughout the film’s development. Of course, the Art of Inside Out explores many witty ideas and story alterations as well, but it’s great to take a peek at one artist’s point of view. 

Pay special attention to Matt’s ability to seamlessly integrate perspective into his concept artwork. If you’re a reader of Matt’s blog you’ll certainly notice this style across his work while sketching various cities, animals, and people (where he can capture a person’s style within a few strokes). We personally take a lot of inspiration from these details and explorations into the story.

In an early version of the story Joy and Bing Bong originally entered the film-set or ‘Dream Productions’ through a back door and passed through a warehouse where all the props that made Riley’s dreams were stored.

Matt Jones

We loved this sketch of Bing Bong collecting memories – it’s a question that has come up a few times when watching the film as people have asked us, “What was Bing Bong doing collecting all those memories when Joy stumbles across him?”

Be sure to view more of Matt Jones’ work on his site.

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