Summary of the Q&A Twitter Session with the Cast of ‘Inside Out’

Inside Out Twitter Q&A Session

This evening in preparation for the premiere of Inside Out, a purple carpet was rolled out in front of the famed El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, California. However, before the festivities kicked off, director Pete Docter and producer Jonas Rivera stopped at the Los Angeles offices of Twitter to share details on Inside Out. Joining the duo were the five emotion voice actors Amy Poehler, Bill Hader, Mindy Kaling, Lewis Black, and Phyllis Smith – each answering questions submitted by fans via Twitter using the hashtag #AskInsideOut. We were thrilled to have two of our questions answered during the roughly 45-minute session.

Pixar Post Question (Q): Pete & Jonas – Could you explain the music process? How was it working with Michael Giacchino again? 

Jonas Rivera: Working with Michael was the easiest decision on the movie.
Amy Poehler: This is Amy. Isn’t the music great? He did Lost.
Pete Docter: We showed him the film, he wrote the music. We talked and made adjustments, then recorded. It’s that easy!

Pixar Post Question (Q): Bill, how was it voicing your third Pixar character (two previous being the Slug Monster & Referee from Monsters University)

Bill Hader: A dream come true.

(Q): Will there be any references to past or future Disney•Pixar films in INSIDE OUT?

Jonas Rivera: Yes! Look close for a Good Dino cameo.

(Q): What is the most important message you hope people take away after seeing this movie?

Amy Poehler: I think it’s the idea that it’s ok to not be happy all of the time.

(Q): To Pete Docter and Jonas Rivera, what was your favorite part of making Inside Out?

Jonas Rivera: Working with the most amazing cast of all time.

(Q):To Pete & Jonas – is the clown in Riley’s nightmare a reference/homage to Mr Joe Ranft? I’ve been wondering for months!!!

Jonas Rivera: Yes! Jangles is a tribute to our dear friend Joe!

(Q):Question for all: What’s YOUR favorite land? 

Pete Docter: Mine is Cloudtown.

(Q): How bad am I going to cry? Don’t bother wearing make-up?

Amy Poehler: I aint gonna lie, you gonna cry.

(Q): Bill Hader, did you connect Fear to your childhood at all? Or did he remind you of when you were a child?

Bill Hader: He reminds me when I was 36, which was yesterday.

(Q): Cast – After filming the movie, are you more aware when there are voices in your head?

Phyllis Smith: They have always been there and now I know their names.

(Q): Pete and Jonas, after working on a film for five years. How is it like to see it finally completed?

Jonas Rivera: It doesn’t even seem real to me. So excited for it to come out!!

(Q): Bill – Did voicing Fear remind you of any impersonations you’ve done before? 

Bill Hader: It started as a bad don knotts impression. and pete said, lets stick with your own voice.

(Q): Hi, I’m a Japanese high school student! PIXAR is my dream for me. What is PIXAR to you?

Mindy Kaling: I agree with you, Hiro! This is Mindy. Pixar is my dream too. Making this was my dream come true.

(Q): What is your favorite ride at DisneyWorld?

Jonas Rivera: Spaceship Earth…of course!

(Q): Which emotion is more present in your life right now?

Lewis Black: None of them, we have been doing press for three straight days and all my emotions are lying down on the couch and napping.

(Q): What is your favorite Disneyland ride? 

Pete Docter: Pirates! And Tiki Room

(Q): Which of the emotions in the movie do you feel most often?

Pete Docter: Fear more often than I’d like

(Q): This question is for Pete Docter – What advice do you have for someone who wants to go into animation but isn’t an artist?

Pete Docter: Find some way to express yourself elegantly – writing, programming, camera work…

(Q): Burgers or fries?

Pete Docter: We have to choose?!? I’d go fries.

(Q): Do any of you actually enjoy broccoli on pizza? Or Hawaiian pizza?

Jonas Rivera: I don’t know about broccoli, but I love Tony’s Pizza Napoletana in SF! Best pie in the world.

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