‘Inside Out’ Behind The Scenes B-Roll Footage, Recording Sessions, Interviews & More

Inside Out Behind the Scenes B-Roll Footage

Pixar’s Blu-Ray and digital releases are known for providing in-depth looks at the filmmaking process and are packed with special features, studio tours, and much more. With the set of Inside Out B-Roll footage, recording sessions, animation tests, and interviews released, there’s no doubt that Pixar fans are in for another dose of fantastic insights.

The fourteen videos uploaded to our Pixar Post YouTube channel are broken out into B-roll footage (vocal recording sessions, score recording sessions, animation tests) as well as interviews with the vocal cast, John Lasseter, Pete Docter, and many more key players.

When people look back at the history of Pixar, Inside Out could very well be our most important film we’ve ever made.

John Lasseter

Of the selected clips, if you only have a few moments, we’d recommend that you definitely watch both B-Roll clips, Diane Lane’s chat about Pete Docter, and John Lasseter’s interview where he notes the most profound endorsement for the film we’ve heard to date — “When people look back at the history of Pixar, Inside Out could very well be our most important film we’ve ever made.” To learn more about the film and listen to our audio interview with Pete Docter, Jonas Rivera, Ralph Eggleston, and more, be sure to listen to the Pixar Post Podcast.

Watch the playlist of 14 behind-the-scenes videos from Inside Out on our YouTube channel.

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