‘Inside Out’ Soundtrack – Cover Art and Track Listing Revealed

Inside Out Soundtrack Cover

Pixar has been known to support the mantra, “Story is King”, and although the story does kick off the Pixar process, it’s one part of many that have to come together to turn an idea into a film. One of those elements which are crucial to the film is the score that accompanies the movie. Pixar has a history of working with trusted partners when building the soundtrack for their films and few are celebrated as much as Michael Giacchino. 

Michael’s work at Pixar has spanned everything from the short film La Luna to the “Anyone can cook” inspired, Ratatouille. His tenth project with Pixar will coincide with Pixar’s 15th “major emotion film”, Inside Out. Although we haven’t heard the entire soundtrack by itself yet, we have screened the first hour of the movie and we can confidently say that this is another winner for Giacchino. Below is a track-list for the soundtrack – but if you’re avoiding spoilers, you’ll want to avoid reading the list as plot hints are revealed.

  1. Bundle of Joy
  2. Team Building
  3. Nomanisone Island/National Movers
  4. Overcoming Sadness
  5. Free Skating
  6. First Day of School
  7. Riled Up
  8. Goofball No Longer
  9. Memory Lanes
  10. The Forgetters
  11. Chasing the Pink Elephant
  12. Abstract Thought
  13. Imagination Land
  14. Down in the Dumps
  15. Dream Productions
  16. Dream a Little Nightmare
  17. The Subconscious Basement
  18. Escaping the Subconscious
  19. We Can Still Stop Her
  20. Tears of Joy
  21. Rainbow Flyer
  22. Chasing Down Sadness
  23. Joy Turns to Sadness/A Growing Personality
  24. The Joy of Credits 

Finally, if you’re a fan of Michael’s work, please join us in the Pixar Post Forum – you’ll enjoy the conversation regarding the development of the soundtrack from a long-time studio musician who worked on the project. Additionally, be sure to listen to episode 039 of the Pixar Post Podcast (will be up soon) as we’ll be discussing the soundtrack and even sampling a few brief audio-only clips from the film.

UPDATED: Read our review of the Inside Out soundtrack, here.

Thanks to Film Music Reporter for breaking this news and Upcoming Pixar for spotting it.

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