The ‘Art of Inside Out’ Book Review and 14 Additional ‘Inside Out’ Themed Books

The Art of Inside Out book cover

Fans of Pixar films looking for more details on the visual development of the Studio’s films need to look no further than Chronicle Book’s “Art of” series. The Art of Inside Out book follows suit. It is sure to excite and engage readers with greater than ninety percent artwork (and less than ten percent text) showcasing how the characters, worlds, and graphical elements were developed to create the film. At 176 pages, the hardcover book is yet another must-have to get the full experience of Inside Out.

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In addition to the visual inspiration that the artwork provides, you’ll also learn more about some story elements which were developed early on and eventually cut. For instance, did you know that Riley entering depression was originally a larger part of the story? Or, that Joy was originally able to appear in the real world (rather than just the mind world)? Dig even deeper into the book in our video review embedded below (or watch directly on our YouTube channel).

One fun challenge that we give ourselves when looking through the book is to guess the artist who worked on the piece prior to reading the byline with their name. It’s a great way to learn an artist’s style and allows you to spend more time focusing on the piece. For instance, from book to book, several artists easily stand out with specific stylings like a personal favorite of mine, Kristian Norelius’s architectural pencil work, Chris Sasaki’s digital paintings, or Craig Foster’s graphic design pieces.

Inside Out Concept Art by Ralph Eggleston
Concept art by Ralph Eggleston

The book is additionally packed with artwork from artists like Jerome Ranft (astounding sculpts), Ralph Eggleston, Albert Lozano, Don Shank, Dan Holland, Josh Cooley, Ronnie Del Carmen, Daniel Arriaga, Victor Navone, Shelly Wan, Bill Cone, Tony Fucile, Ricky Nierva, Pete Docter, Tom Gately and many, many more. Be sure to pick up The Art of Inside Out at Amazon (additional quick links below).

In addition to our review of The Art of Inside Out, we also looked at fourteen additional Inside Out themed books from the “Essential Guide” to the “Golden Books” to a pair of coloring books. Be sure to watch our video review on our YouTube channel or embedded below. All of the books reviewed in this post can be purchased on Amazon by utilizing the links below.

Pick up any of the books in the video using these links to Amazon.

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