Disney Infinity 3.0 ‘Inside Out’ Play Set Preview

Inside Out Disney Infinity Playset

The third edition in the popular video game and collectible figure series, Disney Infinity 3.0 was announced earlier this month. Along with the inclusion of the overall Star Wars theme, an Inside Out playset was also announced, thrilling Pixar fans (and fans of the game who have been clamoring for more playset content). Although the game won’t be released until this fall, today a small preview of the Inside Out playset was revealed, showcasing the puzzle-inspired journey into the depths of the mind.

Below is the official tagline for the playset:

Based on Disney•Pixar’s much-anticipated film Inside Out releasing June 19 in North America, the Inside Out Play Set takes place in Riley’s mind after she inadvertently catches a glimpse of a scary movie as she is falling asleep.  Her Emotions — Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust, and Sadness  — rally together to calm the turmoil that has overtaken Imagination Land as a result of Riley seeing the movie.  Broccoli, pie cannons, bats, and even swamp creatures are running rampant through Riley’s mind. As a single-player or two-player co-op, players must help Riley’s Emotions journey through Imagination Land, work together using each character’s unique skills to defeat enemies, gather Riley’s displaced memories, and return them to the Long Term with the help of Mind Workers before Riley awakens (includes 25 unique levels).

Three different game modes feature a twist on traditional platforming:

  • Clouds, which fade or emit lightning
  • Musical platforms, which must be precisely timed in sync with the beat
  • Gravity barriers, which flip the player and the world upside down.

Playable characters for the Play Set include Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust, and Sadness. Each figure comes with special powers to combat swamp creatures and other nightmare beasts:

  • Joy – A ray of lighthearted, optimistic sunshine that brings cheer to every adventure.  She can glide across gaps the others can’t overcome.
  • Fear – Frightful bundle of nerves is the fastest runner.  He can cross bridges and platforms before they collapse.
  • Anger – Hot-headed powerhouse can cross beds of hot lava with ease.
  • Disgust – Always disgusted, she repels off the clouds letting her jump higher than anyone.
  • Sadness – Worrisome friend turns waves of sadness into melancholy fun, and can travel on clouds without them fading beneath her.

Additional character artwork and screenshots have also been released – the rendered artwork for the figures looks amazing and stays true to the fantastic designs featured throughout the Disney Infinity franchise. The inclusion of the emotion’s color-matched memory orb is a great touch as well.

The great folks at the Disney Infinity Fans Forum have a 6-part series of videos highlighting gameplay from the set as well – we embedded the first video below.

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