‘Inside Out’ Advanced Screening & Masterclass with Pete Docter at the LA Film Festival

Inside Out Pete Docter

As rave reviews of Inside Out keeping pouring in, it’s hard to believe that director Pete Docter once felt that a story issue with the film may have put his residency at Pixar in jeopardy. In a recent interview with the LA Times, Docter touched on his moments of insecurity and reminded us all that “we’re people” and that self-doubt is often an artist’s stepping stone.

We’re insecure. You can have Academy Awards sitting in your office, but you still feel like, that was probably just a fluke. That was probably the right combination of things that happened. Can I do that again? I have no idea.

Pete Docter

On June 9, Docter will be on hand at the LA Film Festival to hold a masterclass-like discussion following an early screening of Inside Out. Fans and aspiring filmmakers will have the opportunity to learn more insights from this inspiring director who stated, “[Directing] was not natural to me if I rewind back to ‘Monsters,’ I still do not know whose idea it was to let me direct. That was weird. ‘Cause I’m not a natural alpha male leader type.” It just goes to show that although you may doubt yourself, if you surround yourself with a collaborative and supportive team there is nothing you can’t accomplish. Tickets for this great event won’t last long and are currently available through the LA Film Festival website.

Inside Out Fathom Movie Event

If you are unable to attend the LA Film Festival event, you still may have the opportunity to join a unique early screening of the full-length feature film (along with the short Lava).  On Tuesday, June 16 in hundreds of movie theaters across the U.S. an exclusive one-night event will include a LIVE Q&A with director Pete Docter, producer Jonas Rivera and the voice of Joy, Amy Poehler (who will be present via satellite from their Australian press tour). The screening which will be presented by Disney and Fathom Events will also feature 15-minutes of bonus behind-the-scenes footage. Tickets can be purchased by Fathom Events or Fandango.

Be sure to share your thoughts on Inside Out with other Pixar fans on the Pixar Post Forum regarding the screening – who’s attending?

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