New ‘Inside Out’ Clip Features Humorous Moment with Fear

Riley watches a funny “Shoes of Doom” clip in the exclusive Inside Out deleted scene.
Inside Out Shoes of Doom Clip

A new Inside Out clip showcasing another humorous moment with Fear was released exclusively on Amazon featuring Riley sitting in front of a television in a darkened room watching a scary film titled, “Shoes of Doom”. Adding both realism and drama to the mocked horror film, the Inside Out team created two eye-catching reflections of Riley on the window panes in the room.

Completing the ambiance, the lighting team created a unique sterile glow as Riley anxiously watched the old black-and-white thriller. The humor begins as Fear explains to Joy, “I’m not scared of everything” – quickly rethinking his statement and running over to the controls. Joining the previously released clips, this new marketing footage continues to keep us excited for the June 19, theatrical release of Inside Out.

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