New ‘Inside Out’ TV Spot Features New Characters in Unfamiliar Surroundings

Inside Out Subconscious

Did you watch the 2015 Radio Disney Awards last night? If so, you had a first look at the premiere of a new Inside OutTV spot. The footage combined both previously released clips as well as a quick glimpse into new worlds inside Riley’s mind.

While the trailer’s main focus highlighted the journey of Joy and Sadness, it was great to see new clips featuring the desperation of Anger, Disgust, and Fear in Headquarters. As the trailer progressed, sightings of new characters in unfamiliar surroundings were shown – such as a cloud-townsperson and a duo of police officers within Cloud Town and what appeared to be a stairwell into the Subconscious mind.

The animation and effects within the Cloud Town footage were quite spectacular, especially with the interaction (*poof*) between the cloud-townsperson and Joy. The set design, with the contrast of the fluffy cloud buildings against the pitted concrete sidewalks, was a complete eye-catcher as well. Be sure to check out the TV Spot on the Pixar Post YouTube channel or watch it below.

For a bonus screenshot as well as to keep discussing the TV Spot, head over to the Pixar Post Forum dedicated to the new footage.

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