Watch the Emotions Scatter To Avoid Brain Freeze in the Next ‘Inside Out’ Trailer

Inside Out Brain Freeze Joke

We’ve all experienced it, we’ve all winced from it and we’ve all laughed about it while slurping up our favorite frozen treats. What is it? Brain freeze. In Pixar’s next trailer (as retweeted by Anger’s vocalist, Lewis Black from Pixar’s Inside Out Twitter page) we catch a bevy of new clips showing many happy moments from Riley’s life – but one that had us rolling in laughter was when Riley sips her frozen drink a little too quick and sends the emotions running as they try to avoid brain freeze. Pure genius!

While the previous trailers we’ve seen highlight the ups and downs of Riley’s emotions (as well as her parent’s emotions), this trailer focuses on the lighter and more playful side of the movie.

Check out the trailer below (as uploaded to the official Pixar YouTube) and be sure to let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment or chatting about it in the Pixar Post Forum where people have already been chatting quite a bit about brain freeze. In fact, the comment that made us chuckle the most was from Forum User Bonnie who said, This scene will probably always come to mind every time I have a brain freeze from now on. “Sorry guys, it just tastes so good!”

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  1. Agreed, it was a nice touch to see the lighter side of Riley in this trailer. Also…very interesting about Cars 3 moving up. I kind of like that thought – I guess we'll see in a few years! 🙂

  2. I think I agree with both points regarding The Incredibles 2 and Cars 3, but I have a feeling that Cars will be brought forward before an Incredibles sequel due to the simple fact that Cars is more appealing to the target audience because its different and also…talking Cars! And also the USP being Mater, maybe he might have an even bigger role in the next feature.Regarding this Inside Out sneak peek…I love the idea of the brain freeze scene and looking at Riley being happy and with friends instead of the mopey child we saw in the other videos!!

  3. We're glad you like the site and that you appreciate our involvement with the comments as well as the articles! 🙂 We really do try and make things as interactive as possible. Sometimes we try and step aside with the comments because we often find that if we reply than others don't…but heck, we love Pixar so that's why we chat about it so much! :)Hmmm – I actually don't think that we'll get any detailed info on the projects anytime soon. I think things are going to be so focused on promoting Inside Out and then The Good Dinosaur that they'll be jammed up with that. But, I think we'll get some more basic info at the D23 Expo in August. Thanks again!

  4. Thanks for replying man! Thats what I love about this site! The owner answers! Keep it up! I go in here everyday to check for updates on my favorite movie studio in the world. Do you think we will get detailed information on The Incredibles 2, Cars 3, and Dia de los Muertos oon? Again, thank you! Pixar has an untitled film for June 15, 2018 so im guessing The Incredibles 2 will be then.

  5. Hey Luis! I agree that this teaser trailer was much better than the Puppy Bowl one – the creativity of the Brain Freeze element alone sold me! As far as the Incredibles 2, I'm still guessing 2018-2019…but who knows, still nothing official. Also, I still think Cars 3 will move forward without question – although some public perception is negative, there are still a ton of diehard Cars fans out there…and it's the #1 franchise for merchandise in the stores so they're not going to let that end! Based on the hometown elements they've been chatting about for Cars 3, I'd guess this will pull the initial fans back in again.

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