‘Inside Out’ Train of Thought Concept Artwork at the Walt Disney Family Museum

Inside Out Train of Thought concept art

The Walt Disney Family Museum, located in San Francisco, celebrates the legacy and imagination of one of the world’s greatest visionaries through its interactive and immersive galleries. The museum currently features the All Aboard exhibit (through March 15, 2015) showcasing the importance of and passion for trains in Walt’s life. The exhibit not only focuses on the past of locomotion but also on the future and includes some special concept artwork of the “Train of Thought” from Pixar’s summer release, Inside Out (June 19, 2015).

Colin D., A recent guest of the museum (and long-time reader of Pixar Post), spotted the beautiful concept artwork by Ralph Eggleston, Daniel Holland, and Shelly Min Wan and sent along some photos to share – special thanks, Colin.

We can’t help but be enthralled by the classic, yet eccentric design of the train station and were amazed at the mixture of train styles. It’s great to see the mix of traditional box cars with design touches of steam trains and electric streetcars as well. The human imagination is endless and these pieces highlight even more of the whimsical environment that we will encounter inside Riley’s mind (the 11-year old girl whose mind the film is set in).

It should also be noted that two weeks ago an image of Joy and Sadness apparently riding inside a boxcar of the Train of Thought was released. The concept art of the train itself includes the characters of Joy and Sadness standing outside the boxcar, confirming their journey on the train.

Inside Out Screencap
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  1. I went on Walt's birthday, so the main museum was free and the exhibition was half price. In this case, the exhibition was 100% worth it. Had this been any other full-price day, I don't know if it would have.

  2. This pretty cool concept art, seeing the littlest piece of concept art for the film always makes me happy.

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