Stunning WALL•E Recreation Gains Another Enhancement – Eve

Real Life WALL-E Robot

Mike Senna is a skilled prop and robotics builder that has created one of the most highly regarded replicas of Pixar’s lovable trash-bot, WALL•E. His creation is nothing short of jaw-dropping. WALL•E moves talks and emotes with such similarity to his cartoon counterpart that you’d think that you entered the movie itself.

When thinking of the film it’s impossible to separate the sweet love story between WALL•E and Eve – now Mike has now crafted a beautiful version of Eve as well. His most recent video shows his initial test of a stabilization system for the two characters. We can’t wait to see what’s next for Eve and how the two will interact over time.

To view more information on the WALL•E recreation and ways you can meet WALL•E face-to-face, check out Mike’s Adventures with WALL•E page. Additionally, you can also read more information about another wonderful WALL•E recreation on Michael McMaster’s, McMaster Robot Projects page.

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