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Pixar Summer Movies to Go

Disney Movies Anywhere is a free service that allows you to stream and download your favorite Pixar, Disney, or Marvel films…well, anywhere! On top of just films, Disney Movies Anywhere also includes exclusive content, such as behind-the-scenes sneak peeks and Blu-ray/DVD bonus features just to name a few.

This summer, beginning today (June 3), fans can log onto Disney Movies Anywhere for a special Pixar-themed surprise each week throughout the 13 weeks of summer and it’s appropriately named Pixar Summer Movies To Go! Each week a new Pixar film will be featured/available and fans will be able to unlock exclusive bonus content – such as trivia/easter eggs, special filmmaker introductions, and some additional Pixar-themed surprises.

Pixar Summer Movies to Go Event

This week Cars will kick off Pixar Summer Movies To Go! as we take a road trip with our favorite characters down to Radiator Springs. For a limited time, when you download Disney Movies Anywhere and link your iTunes account, you’ll also get The Incredibles for free!

In addition to the Cars countdown of secrets, there is also a video for the 14 secrets of The Incredibles. One of our favorite tips revealed was when Mr. Incredible was in pursuit to help assist the police on his way to his wedding, a map pops up in his car. The map shown in the movie (screencap below) is an actual map of Emeryville, California where Pixar Animation Studios is located (notice Park Ave.)

Pixar Street Address Easter Egg in The Incredibles


The new Summer Movies (and fun facts) added this week are 12 hidden gems about Finding Nemo. The video from YouTube added below only highlights a few of the easter eggs, so log into Disney Movies Anywhere if you want to watch all of the videos.

– It should also be noted that international fans will now be pleased to know that with the latest update to Disney Movies Anywhere, you can now create a login even if you live outside the United States. The new update also allows you to pre-order movies you’d like to purchase (even if they’re still in theaters).

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  1. I was thinking the same thing that Pixar would reveal the trailer for Inside Out through the Disney Movies Anywhere app. The Finding Nemo update this week was chock full of surprises as well! And yes, there were a surprising number of facts I didn't realize before in The Incredibles list (I feel ashamed)! 🙂

  2. I absolutely love this! This is SO cool for any Pixar fan that they have a whole Pixar theme going all summer like this. It's definitely something to look forward to each week. I love the concept since there is almost the exact number of Pixar movies to weeks of summer. I loved the first 2 videos with all the trivia facts…there were actually quite a bit I hadn't heard of before! I also liked the intro by John Lasseter as well, always fun to see him.Could this be the way Pixar gives us the first teaser for Inside Out this Summer? Could it be one of the \”additional themed surprises\”? Hmmmm..possibly! I could see that happening. : ) Anyway, thanks for sharing this awesome news. Wouldn't have known it otherwise!

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