Announcing the Pixar Post Book Club

Pixar Post Book Club

UPDATED: The book club is no longer active

Today, we are pleased to announce the launch of the next phase of Pixar Post – the Pixar Post Book Club (PPBC). The idea of a book club has been in the works for a while and after ironing out some of the details, we think we have a great plan. The goal of the PPBC is simple – create a central location and allow Pixar fans to share their thoughts regarding Pixar books as well as other animation books. For instance, the first book we’re currently reading is Creativity, Inc., by Ed Catmull. We’ll be reading Creativity, Inc. from now through the end of May so if you haven’t already, get started. Read on for more details.


The rules for the book club are simple – we’ll follow the overall rules for the Forum. While reading Creativity, Inc., all facets of the book club will be open to all members, but starting with the next book we’ll read in June 2014, Pixar Post Insider* members will be allowed to cast their vote to decide future books we’ll read, as well as exclusively be invited to join a live video discussion. All forum discussions regarding the books will be available to all readers.

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  1. That's an awesome goal of having Ed be your future boss! You're certainly right about his wisdom that he shares – it's such a different view than so many managers out there. I love how it's balance of guidance and freedom – where he's really more of a facilitator to ensure that the workers can get their work done efficiently.I saw you also commented on a few of the posts on the forum as well – we can't wait to hear more of your feedback on the book!

  2. This is a great book. great. And though it might be that i'm especially interested or bias about Creativity Inc. due to my life goal of making Ed Catmull my future boss; and that i'm currently enrolled in the animation program at his alma mater (The University of Utah) which makes this book all that much more awesome for me – It's also a great book because Ed Catmull has a special brand of wisdom to share with others, and anyone smart enough to read this book will benefit from it in more than one way – at least I think so.His experience and knowledge… just… wow.I'm not finished with the book – I'm reading it in between homework breaks, but so far I love the time in Ed Catmull's life (and not just his) when Steve Jobs first became interested in buying PIXAR all the way up to Toy Story. That's as far as I am… so – be back soon!

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