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The wait is over! Today October 29, 2013, marks the official release date for the Monsters University Blu Ray. Fans of all ages can now experience the full MU experience from the comforts of their home. Monsters University has continued to be one of our favorite Pixar films due to its hilarious storyline, unbelievable character development, jaw-dropping lighting, animation, and simulation techniques that the team used to create this amazing film.

Read our review on the Blu-ray, where to find some of the hidden easter eggs and references from the film as well as where to purchase your copy of Monsters University with exclusive content.

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Our Review

As we settled in to watch Monsters University for about the tenth time we were eager with anticipation to watch it in true High Definition at home. During the film we were again impressed with the beauty of the monster world and transported back to our college years. One of the best parts about watching the Monsters University Blu Ray is noticing all the details from scene to scene as well as finding easter eggs and other hidden references.

Speaking of easter eggs, Pixar often hides easter eggs on the Blu-ray menus and we just so happened to have found one…yup, there’s a great little bonus feature that features Adrian Molina’s amazing storyboarding work that he created for the opening title sequence of the film. To find this easter egg, first move the cursor to the “Bonus Features” selection (on the Bonus Features Blu Ray disc) – then press down and then press left. As soon as you do this, you’ll notice a shadow of Dean Hardscrabble pop up in the upper right-hand stained glass window. Just click Enter now and enjoy!

Monsters University Little Mike Screencap

The Monsters University Blu Ray is full of Monsterous extras (see our previous post for a full list of these extras) and we must say that not only does the Blu Ray look and sound fantastic on our home theater but if you are a fan of 3D films – you won’t be disappointed!  The Blu-ray 3D disc is one of the most beautiful at-home 3D films to date (along with Finding Nemo). Just like any Pixar film, 3D was used to only enhance the scenes and we must say that the Stereoscopic team at Pixar really did a phenomenal job.

Now, back to the extras – our favorite Blu Ray extra would have to be the “Campus Life” or “Paths to Pixar – MU Edition”. Campus Life is fantastic because it really gives you such insight into the packed day that Dan Scanlon and many others experience while working on a film a Pixar. As expected from Dan Scanlon, there are plenty of hilarious moments as well as his sense of humor shines through. Paths to Pixar – MU Edition is great because it really injects a dose of reality into how many offbeat and odd jobs you may have before you land at Pixar. This was really inspiring.

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The monster world isn’t the only world that you’ll find on the Monsters University Blu Ray, the rainy world of The Blue Umbrella is also included. Stepping into a rainy city, one would think that you would find gloom and coldness, however, in this city, the rain brings the world to life from the mailboxes and gutters to a full-of-life Blue Umbrella. This beautiful short film continues to amaze us with the realistic animation and awe-inspiring lighting and simulation. You may have to watch this film a few times to catch some of the hidden easter eggs within but trust us – they’re there!

Our review on the director’s commentary of Monsters U will be posted shortly as well – there is so much information and insight into how key decisions were made regarding Monsters U. We can’t recommend picking up the Blu Ray just to get this feature – in fact, it’s the one reason why getting the Blu Ray is leaps and bounds better than getting the digital release (as this is not present on that version).

Blu-Ray/DVD Exclusives – Where To Buy?

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There are numerous versions of Monsters University for purchase, below is a list of some of the exclusives:

Target Monsters University Blu-ray

Target is offering an Exclusive Never-Before-Seen Bonus Content called “College Days”. We haven’t seen this extra clip ourselves yet, so if any of our readers have picked up the Target exclusive version, please let us know a little about the clip (short description and length of the clip).

Walmart Monsters University Blu-ray

Walmart is offering an exclusive gift set that includes a Disney Infinity character, you can choose Mike Wazowski or Randall Boggs. They are also offering the standard versions as well.

Best Buy Monsters University Blu-ray

Best Buy is offering an exclusive Mike Wazowski plush with the purchase of any of the three Monsters University Blu-Ray/DVD editions. Retails from $22.99 USD to $29.99 USD.

Amazon has all three of the standard Blu-ray formats ranging from the 2-disc (Blu-ray and DVD) version, 3-disc (Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital) version, and the 4-disc (3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital) version. 

Monsters University Screencap
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  1. Fantastic review! And thanks for helping out with the Easter Egg : ) Now I won't be frustrated trying to find it lol. Paths to Pixar is actually the one I'm really looking forward to so I'm glad you guys liked it! Great info on all the boxed sets out there and where to find them as well. I'm super exited for the audio commentary-all the Pixar ACs are jammed pack with awesome info and I can't wait to read your review of it!

  2. For whatever reason, the easter egg doesn't seem to be working for me! I highlight the Bonus Features tab and press down then left and it just goes to the left normally to the play button : / Wonder what's up?

  3. Hmmm – are you using the Bonus Features 2nd Blu Ray disc? I posted a Vine video above to show it. What version of the movie (2, 3 or 4 disc version) do you have as well – I wonder if it's only on certain versions?

  4. Thanks!! That was silly of me…I was highlighting Bonus Features on Disc 1. My bad! Watching it now… : )

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