Monsters University Deleted Scene Has Mike & Sulley in Drama Class

Monsters University Deleted Scene

With the digital release of Monsters University early this morning (in North America) we were excited to download the movie and start digging into the extras. Pixar never disappoints in the level of extra content that they release with their movies and Monsters University is no exception.

We’ll be writing a more in-depth look at the extras very soon, but in the meantime take a look at this excerpt from the deleted scene called Drama Class, in which Mike and Sulley do a little improvisation that gets a bit out of hand (via Pixar’s YouTube page). We can’t recommend the digital release enough as it has such a broad set of extras – plus you can watch the entire movie three weeks ahead of its Blu-ray release. For a full list of the extras, and for details on how to download the movie, click here.

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  1. It sure sounds like her doesn't it? I wouldn't be surprised as you can hear her voice in at least one additional deleted scene as well. Great catch! – T.J.

  2. The longer version included in the extras doesn't included as much of Billy Crystal's work. The full extra is a combination of a few cut scenes all related to the Drama Class and it's 9 minutes. I was surprised to see how far along some of the scenes got that had Billy and John Goodman's voice work! – T.J.

  3. Oh man, I would have loved to have seen the full version. Improvisations is to Billy Crystal as, well, a bunny is to a carrot. Seems like a golden opportunity to inject more humor into young Mike!

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