Toy Story of Terror Poster Art

Toy Story of Terror Poster

Entertainment Weekly recently released an exclusive teaser poster for Toy Story of Terror! – the first 30-minute made-for-television Pixar short will air on Wednesday, October 16. The poster, a combination of the logo and teaser image revealed in May, now pulls the images together with an ominous, haunted hotel in the background.

The short which features all of our favorite Toy Story characters starts with the gang watching a Dracula movie in the trunk of the car while Mr. Pricklepants criticizes all of the typical cliches you would find in a horror movie. After Bonnie’s Mom gets a flat tire on her way to visit Grandma, the gang pulls up to a hotel to stop at for the night. Mr. Pricklepants then says that this exact scenario is the perfect setup for a horror movie…this is when strange things start to happen.

October is shaping up to be a great month for Pixar with the release of Monsters University (digital October 8 and Blu-ray October 29), Cars 3D on Blu Ray (October 29), Toy Story in Space Disney Infinity playset (anticipated on or before October 22) and of course, Toy Story of Terror! 

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