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Pixar The Blue Umbrella Soundtrack Jon Brion

Alongside the song “Gospel” (in the end credits of Monsters University), the most frequent email request we’ve recently received is, “Where can I get the song from The Blue Umbrella“?

Well, wait no more as the song is now available to listen to on Apple Music (several days ahead of its scheduled July 9 release date). We were excited to hear the original theatrical version (with vocals by Sarah Jaffe) as well as an instrumental version – both available in The Blue Umbrella suite. My favorite moment is at 2:04 into the song when the music takes a darker turn – the music and the animation are so intertwined in my mind, that I can completely visualize “blue” getting away from his owner and thrust into the unwieldy skies of the city.

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  1. I just got a super-fast response from Saschka Unseld (the director). He does not believe that it will be released outside of iTunes but he did let us know that it will be rolling out internationally on iTunes soon (as it's still only available in North America at the moment). Hope that helps answer your question. – T.J.

  2. I actually haven't heard anything – I sent a Twitter message to the director (Saschka Unseld) to see if he could provide any details. Good question! 🙂

  3. That is certainly a fair comparison (and we do agree…on the overarching feeling of the story). Both Pixar & Disney have even mentioned the comparisons briefly before as well. It's kind of funny how both were in production at the same time and how both had that same story undertone.As far as the experimental diversion – from Pixar's perspective, TBU stretched our knowledge of what Pixar can do for sure (with the realism and lighting). Pixar commonly uses shorts to test new areas of technology but I think this one comes off as even more \”experimental\” due to the influence of Saschka Unseld's unique vision and touches to the film. Not coming from within the story department, I think he brought a very visually rich feeling to the short…which is why most people walk away talking about how amazing it looked rather than simply the story.Pixar Post – T.J.

  4. Wanted to know your opinion on this. While watching this short I couldn't help but be reminded of the flighty ethereal nature of Paperman. The light music helps underscore each romantic tone, and each film was an experimental diversion from the studio's regular MO.

  5. I can't get this tune out of my head since I first saw the short! Jon Brion did a great job on it! Hope to see his name attached to a lot of Pixar projects in the future.

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