Announcing the Pixar Post Forum!

Pixar Post Forum Announcement

When we set out to start Pixar Post in March of 2012, we aimed to create an upbeat and exciting place to read all about your favorite Pixar news, reviews, interviews, and more. In January of this year, we decided that we’d venture into the world of podcasting to continue to find more ways to chat about Pixar by starting the Pixar Post Podcast. But there was one small problem – although we were receiving emails, voice mails, and comments, we realized that there was one thing missing – more input from you.

Today, we have decided to remedy that issue by announcing the Pixar Post Forum – a great place to read and connect with us and other great Pixar fans. As with any forum, it can’t succeed without great users like yourself – so take a moment, visit the forum, sign up and start posting – we can’t wait to read and hear more of your thoughts, theories, and favorite moments. Oh, and we even have a placeholder underneath each movie for your great fan art – it has been one of the most requested features of our site!

Please feel free to submit any suggestions that you may have to help refine our forum. Although we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to implement all of your suggestions, we’ll be sure to listen and do our best.

Once you’ve signed up, we’d recommend reviewing the forum rules and then taking a moment and introduce yourself.

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