Monsters University Super Fan Viewing Party Photos

Monsters University Super Fan Viewing Party

Just a few short days ago we started the Twitter hashtag#MonstersSuperFan and asked our readers to tweet photos of themselves re-watching Monsters, Inc. as well as when they went to see Monsters University for the first time. We had so many amazing photos that were shared with us and some of our readers even pulled out all the stops and brought their favorite plush toys as well as wore some pretty amazing gear to the theater. Below is a sampling of some of the photos that were tweeted using the MonstersSuperFan hashtag – check them out and don’t let the party stop, if you haven’t seen Monsters University yet or are going to re-watch the movie again, keep tweeting those pictures!

Additionally, watch as we interview a few fans exiting the theater (over two days at two theaters, plus a summary of the college pre-screening) to get their Monsters University thoughts and feedback.

Fan Quotes

“I thought the scene at the lake in the human world was real!” – Jamie H.

“I couldn’t stop laughing the entire time – the new characters are so great!” – Evan P.

“Monsters University is now my favorite Pixar movie – I can’t wait to see it again!” – Chris T.

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