Amazing Monsters University Concept Art by Pixarian Chris Sasaki

Monsters University Concept Art Chris Sasaki

Yesterday we were treated to some fantastic concept art of The Blue Umbrella by Pixarian, Paul Abadilla, and now we happened to have come across another set of amazing concept artwork for Monsters University by Pixarian, Chris Sasaki. We found it most exciting that there were a few pieces by Chris that weren’t included in The Art of Monsters University book. That certainly doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t pick up a copy of the book – it is full of amazing artwork by so many artists (read our full The Art of Monsters University review here). 

I certainly don’t know if Chris felt this way, but after thinking about (and viewing) his artwork in more detail, it seems like Monsters University was a perfect fit for his retro, edgy and eclectic abilities.

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Above is only a very small sampling of the work that Chris showcased in his original post – we also can’t recommend the Art of Monsters University enough – again, you can read our review here and pick up a copy on Amazon.

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