New Levels Updated for Monsters, Inc. Run & Toy Story Smash It Games

Monsters Inc Run iOS Game Screencap

The highly addictive game, Monsters, Inc. Run, has been updated with sixteen new levels, set in a world called “Cherry Mountains”. The addition of the new levels also brings a new element to the game – a yellow button that you jump on which activates a floor (or wall). Well, don’t get too jumpy because although these little buttons will sometimes help you clear a large hole, they will sometimes block you as well. As you play the levels, you’ll start to learn which buttons to jump on and which to avoid.

Monsters Inc Run iOS Game Screencap

The Cherry Mountain levels have followed the trend of the game overall and as new worlds have been added, they have progressively become slightly more involved. Finally, if you haven’t seen our previous reviews (video) of the Monsters Inc. Run game, click here to view our initial review and click here to read our second updated review of new Desert Canyon levels.

Additionally, the Toy Story: Smash It! puzzle game has also been updated with additional new levels that will take you 20,000 leagues under the sea in order to rescue Woody and Jesse. Get busy throwing those Luxo balls!

UPDATED: Unfortunately, both of these games are no longer available in the App Store – links have been removed.

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