Monsters, Inc. Cosbaby Toy Review

Monsters Inc Cosbaby Toy Review

As if perfectly timed between the re-release of Monsters, Inc. 3D and the release of Monsters University, a nostalgic series of (very cute) Cosbaby Monsters, Inc. characters are now shipping. The toys are mini vinyl characters that are extremely detailed and poseable in most cases.

The Mike (Diver version) can move his arms, oven mitts (hands) and legs (although his flippers are stationary). Randall’s head can swivel and the blue portion of his tail can also swivel, but his legs are not able to be moved. Boo (Monsters version) is not able to be posed, but the details of her costume (all the way to the clips in the back that hold the costume on tightly) are all intact.

The full set of characters that are offered is Sulley, Randall, Boo, Boo (Monsters Version), Mike, and Mike (Diver Version). Each character averages approximately three inches in height and is a similar weight to a typical Vinylmation character.

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