Partysaurus Rex Meets The Pizza Planet Truck Before Going to Pixar Animation Studios

Partysaurus Rex toy at Pixar Animation Studios

Recently, we spent ten days in California taking our custom Partysaurus Rex up the coast and ending at Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville. Our journey first began in Michigan to our first stop in sunny San Diego, California – which can be seen here in our previous Partysaurus Rex post.

We met so many wonderful people during our adventure – many of whom recognized us and PartySaurus Rex right away – this warmed our hearts instantly.

We have countless stories from our journey, however the ones that really stick out to us are when kids would run up to us yelling “Partysaurus Rex! Partysaurus Rex!” and it was always followed up with the question “Is that the real Partysaurus Rex?”, which we always replied “Yes!”. There were many Disney family vacation photos that were taken with our Partysaurus Rex on April 25 and 26th.

Below are photos and videos of our custom Partysaurus Rex’s adventures from Anaheim, CA to Emeryville, CA.

Meet-up with the Pizza Planet Truck

Partysaurus Rex meet-up with Pizza Planet Truck
“I just went for a ride in the Pizza Planet Truck!” – PartySaurus Rex

We even made a video of our adventures of meeting up with the Pizza Planet Truck, watch it below, or click here

While at Joe’s Ice in Garden Grove, California, we met Tyler and Hanni who both recognized Partysaurus Rex immediately and were both so gracious. It was so fun to meet more Partysaurus Rex fans while we were out and about – it’s amazing how recognizable this little guy is.

Disney California Adventure

Our day at Disney’s California Adventure began with a group of our readers calling to us as we walked into the park. They were so excited to see and take pictures with Partysaurus Rex that others continued to approach us as we walked into the park.

After wearing our What Up Fishes?! t-shirt and custom Partysaurus Rex sweatshirt in the Disney parks, we wondered what a Partysaurus Rex-themed rack would look like – so we staged one in the parks. Throughout our two days at Disney, we had many, many guests come up to us asking where to purchase our PartySaurus Rex toy.


Partysaurus Rex at Disneyland
“Today I’m at Disneyland.” – Partysaurus Rex

The cast members at the Disneyland Emporium were so excited to see PartySaurus Rex. The entire crew came to greet us and they informed us that they watch the Pixar short every day “behind the scenes” before work – it’s their favorite short! 

Santa Barbara

On our way to Santa Barbara, we stopped off in Hollywood to see John Lasseter’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This was our first time in Hollywood and PartySaurus Rex created quite the buzz as he stood in front of the El Capitan Theater (which is where John Lasseter’s star sits) as the cameras were flashing as if the paparazzi were catching him.

San Francisco and Pixar Animation Studios

Bringing PartySaurus Rex into Pixar Animation Studios was such a joy, we’ll be posting separately about our own experience within the studio soon.

Partysaurus Rex in California Follow Rex
“I love California!” Partysaurus Rex

Thank you to everyone who came to say hello to us and PartySaurus Rex during our journey, YOU made this the adventure of a lifetime!

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  1. Wow, thank you very much!! We're so happy that you follow us daily – we try to keep up on everything so we keep our readers on top of the latest Pixar news! We are not directly affiliated with Disney or Pixar, we just loved the short so much we wanted to do our own tribute to the short! We will be sure to post if any PartySaurus merchandise becomes available – we wouldn't miss an opportunity to talk about the short!Thank you very much – we really appreciate the feedback and praise! – Pixar Post, T.J. & Julie

  2. This is AMAZING! I check your site on a daily basis and you guys are always coming up with unique ideas on top of telling the most up to date Pixar news. I NEED THIS TOY, T-SHIRT AND SWEATSHIRT! I want EVERYTHING on your fan art page! Partysaurus Rex is my favorite short and the only reason I found out about it was from your first photos of rex before it was in the theaters. Were you hired by Pixar to do the marketing? I never saw a commercial for it but when you look it up on the internet it's only your site! Please post if Partysaurus rex stuff hits disney stores I'll buy it ALL!!!! Keep up the awesome work!

  3. Wow, wow, wow! Thank you for your extremely kind comments Theresa! That's so cool that your daughter can't stop talking about PartySaurus Rex – hopefully he'll be made one day! Well, we can't stop talking about how amazing everyone that we talked to was – we loved how receptive and excited people were to see PartySaurus in person! We sure do hope to work there one day as well…but only time will tell! In the mean time, we'll keep working hard to pursue our dreams and keep getting more readers!Again, thank you very much, we can't thank you enough and be sure to stay in touch – it was a pleasure meeting you and your family as well! – Pixar Post, T.J. & Julie

  4. I MET YOU! Hi, I met you at DCA outside of Carsland. You both have such a positive attitude and were so kind to my family talking about your Rex toy. We hope that Pixar starts making them for the parks, my daughter hasn't stopped talking about it! You NEED to work for Pixar or Disney to make toys that kids actually want! I want to write them a letter to tell them about you! Please know that you have readers (my whole family) for life – we love you guys!

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