Incredibles Sequel – Brad Bird Would Consider It! – Updated

Brad Bird would consider an Incredibles 2 Sequel

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter (as spotted on IGN), The Incredibles director, Brad Bird discussed the potential for the frequently fan-requested sequel, “I have been thinking about it. People think that I have not been, but I have”. This is great news as Pixar fans have requested more from The Incredibles than any other film. Check out all of Brad’s comments regarding the film below and be sure to check out the full article for additional discussions (not regarding Pixar).

What are the chances we’ll ever see an Incredibles 2?

“I love those characters and love that world. I am stroking my chin and scratching my head. I have many, many elements that I think would work really well in another [Incredibles] film, and if I can get ‘em to click all together, I would probably wanna do that. I like the idea of moving a little more quickly in films. I’m looking for ways to accelerate the pace a little bit and figure out a way to keep creative control over these movies to a level where I’m comfortable with the end result but also speed them up a bit and make more of them. I have many different films I wanna make. It’s like a big airplane hangar and I have different projects on the floor; half-assembled in my brain. I’m interested in all of them. You kind of have to move on the ones people are willing to pay for and the ones you’re most excited about.”It’s important to note that Bird is not confirming that he is (or will be) working on an Incredibles sequel, but it merely lends some hope to a topic that he hasn’t addressed previously. That being said, we’re as excited as everyone else about the potential of a follow-up to the amazing movie!

UPDATED – March 18, 2014 – During the 2014 Disney Annual Shareholder meeting, Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed that Pixar was developing a sequel to The Incredibles as well as starting work on Cars 3Additional details can be found in our updated post.

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  1. Ha! Believe me, a lot of people feel this way – we do think it's great that he mentioned in the article that he's looking for ways to accelerate the pace and keep more creative control…within Pixar he would be able to keep way more creative control. That comment was the part that got us the most excited! – T.J.

  2. WHAT! This is awesome! I want to see what Jack-Jack's powers are now that he's grown. Thanks for this news it made my day! You guys run the best Pixar site love everything you do! BIG FAN! – Ed

  3. Thanks Edwin – we really appreciate it! This is fantastic news and yes, being able to see Jack-Jack's powers would be awesome! I can only imagine how hard it would be to pick up with these characters if they were older…maybe they'd have to just pick up where they left off. The possibilities are endless! – T.J.

  4. If and when they do release a sequel to The Incredibles, you bet I'll be first in line to see it. I wonder if they'll release it in the same chronological fashion as Finding Dory? Twelve or thirteen years after the original seems plausible. Ah yes, I remember watching The Incredibles in the theater after the destruction of Hurricane Ivan. Good times!

  5. Ha! Dan – you and a ton of other great fans…although you may win the award for seeing the movie after a hurricane! 🙂 Yeah, we'll be talking a lot more about the potential timeline for the movie on episode 12 of our podcast (recording this evening and releasing tomorrow, May 17). We thought it would be fun to toss around ideas…whether or not it actually happens! 🙂 – T.J.

  6. Wow, that would be perfect.I hope to hear about the incredibles 2 soon.But I hope to be working at Pixar before that.Who knows. I can have the chance to animate Violet or Mr Incredible on the sequel

  7. Thank you Rafael – good luck on your journey to working at Pixar! That would be great if you could work on a sequel to a film that you love! Good luck! – T.J.

  8. I too would love to work on the Incredibles 2. I'd love to come up with a new feature for the IncrediCar and program the software that animates it.

  9. Wow – that sounds like it would be a huge undertaking – though anything related to Mr. Incredibles car is always going to be amazing, right?! 🙂

  10. The Incredibles 2 or whatever else, I just wish Bird would come back and direct another feature at Pixar. I just adore his work, he's definitely one of the auteur filmmakers we have nowadays.

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