Disney Infinity News – Randall Boggs Character Confirmation and New Book

Disney Infinity Toy Box Randall Boggs

Disney Infinity is just a few short months away from its official release (August 18 in North America and August 21 in Europe) and it seems each week we are given more and more details on this highly anticipated game.

Many Pixar fans had expressed that they were hoping that Randall Boggs would make an appearance in the world of Monsters University and back on March 22, we posted a screenshot of Randall Boggs from a Disney Infinity clip.  However, at the time, we were uncertain if he would be a playable character in the game or just a background character.

Well, in the latest Disney Infinity trailer, Creating Disney Infinity, you can see a glimpse of Randall Boggs as an actual Disney Infinity character (time mark of :32 seconds) – thanks to Daniel with Pixar Geek Blog for the heads up!

Disney Infinity Randall Boggs Spotting

The video barely captures him, but as you can see Randall Boggs will be included in the Disney Infinity official release. Additionally, we know Woody has been seen in screenshots of the game before, but we think it’s safe to say that an additional playset that will be released at launch (or shortly thereafter) will be Woody, Buzz, and Jesse.

Updated 04/13 – It should also be noted that in a more recent post highlighting the Toy Box mode within Disney Infinity, you can catch another glimpse of Randall.

Disney Infinity Character Lineup

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To support this idea further, a Disney Infinity book (releasing August 13) has also recently been posted to Amazon which showcases the three characters prominently on the cover. Click here to view the Disney Infinity: Infinite Possibilities book on Amazon.

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  1. On the Toys R Us website for the pre ordering of Disney Infinity, there is an available pre-order for Randall. On there it says Randy as the figures name and shows a picture of him all packaged up like the other single figures.

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