Director Saschka Unseld to Hold Pixar Animation Workshop for Kids

Director Saschka Unseld will hold a Master Class for the next generation of animators – that’s right a class completely for kids!

As part of the 56th Annual San Francisco International Film Festival, the Master Classes (as noted on the SFFS website — UPDATED: Link not active, removed) are a unique opportunity for audiences to engage with special Festival guests and get an insider’s look at intriguing cinema subjects. Classes are open to film lovers and filmmakers alike—because you don’t need to be a master to learn from one.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Unseld about The Blue Umbrella this past March and he was so thoughtful and engaging as we spoke that we can’t help but think that these kids will be in for a real treat as they gain insight from this true artist.

Saschka Unseld Photo Pixar
Photo via Pixar Animation Studios

The one-day Master Class takes place:

Saturday, May 4, 10:00 am–1:00 pm Walt Disney Family Museum

The Presidio $20 members / $25 general Ages 10–15

After screening and discussing Saschka Unseld’s new Pixar animated short The Blue Umbrella with the film’s director, students will explore the Walt Disney Family Museum’s galleries to find artwork from the collection to inspire their own animation. Using basic stop-motion techniques, they will learn how to bring everyday inanimate objects to life. Presented in partnership with the Walt Disney Family Museum.

Saschka Unseld will also be showing The Blue Umbrella during The 56th Annual San Francisco Film Festival on Sunday, May 5th. So, if you are in the San Francisco area don’t miss your chance to view this beautiful feature short before it hits theaters with Monsters University on June 21.

Be sure to share your experience with us if you attend either or both events – we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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