Pixar’s Fifth Annual Chocolate Festival

Pixar Animation Studios Chocolate Festival 2013

While at Pixar Studios earlier this week, Julie noticed an image that highlighted an indulgent and fun annual tradition – the fifth annual Pixar Chocolate Festival. Chocolatiers of all kinds will begin offering their treats to Pixarians between 3:00 and 5:00 PM PST in the studio’s atrium, so be sure to stay tuned to Twitter as many “tweets about treats” start to appear later this afternoon.

Pixar Animation Studios Chocolate Festival 2013
Photo from the 4th annual chocolate festival – via Menace’s Instagram

Is this yet another reason to want to work at Pixar – I think so? Sure, chocolate is simple, but the little things like this really reward employees and continue to support the creative and family atmosphere that Pixar has worked so hard to craft.

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