Disney Infinity Video – The Most Powerful In-Game Character & Future Characters

Disney Infinity Violet Figure

The official Disney Infinity YouTube channel (UPDATED: Link removed as it is no longer active) has just uploaded a new video that upon first glance appears to be a very high-level look at figures we’ve already seen…but after you get further in the video you realize that there are cool hints as well. First, Disney Interactive producer, John Day, revealed that the character Violet from The Incredibles family is the most powerful character in the entire game. Sounds like you’ll want to pick her character up.

Additionally, John revealed that there WILL be additional Monsters University characters available at the game launch – though they aren’t ready to talk about them yet. Of course, it has been previously rumored that Randall Boggs would be one of those characters, but we’ll have to wait and see who else joins Mike and Sulley for a little while longer.

Randall as seen in the background of a screen capture – he is also featured on a power disc.

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