Angus MacLane – Very Cool LEGO Profile

Angus MacLane LEGO Profile

We dare you to watch this mini-documentary and not want to make your own decked-out LEGO room where you can build all sorts of amazing, custom LEGO characters! In this LEGO blockumentary, we get a peek inside Angus MacLane’s personal LEGO collection and how LEGO inspires his creativity. Plus, the video is packed with some of his original Pixar LEGO creations, like WALL•E, Carl Fredricksen (from Up), a Luxo Jr. lamp, and a few more.

Angus MacLane is a sixteen-year veteran of the studio and has worked as an animator, storyboard artist, directing animator, and even directed the Pixar Shorts BURN•E and Small Fry. Additionally, the documentary mentions Angus’ CubeDude series – be sure to check out his Flickr page here to view all 355 of his amazing creations (with a ton of Pixar characters).

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