What Up Fishes?! PartySaurus Rex Shirts!

Partysaurus Rex What Up Fishes Shirt

What Up Fishes?! What, What!!

If you are a reader of our site, you know we love the Partysaurus Rex short, including all of the amazing animation, electronic dance music, and quirky puns. “What Up Fishes” is (of course) one of the most quoted lines from the short – and did you know that it is Mark Walsh’s (director) voice hollering the hilarious pun?

Over the holidays we received an unexpected Christmas gift from Mark, who sent us these amazing shirts which were given to Partysaurus Rex crew members. Of course, we are beyond thrilled to receive and wear these shirts which will go great with our other custom Partysaurus toys and gear we’ve created. Thanks a million to Mark and the Partysaurus Rex crew!

So, what do you guys think about the “What Up Fishes?!” shirts? Add your comments below or send us an email.

Partysaurus Rex What Up Fishes
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  1. Wow, Scott – thank you!! We really appreciate the feedback on the shirts as well as your very kind words about our site!! We truly appreciate our readers and work hard to make sure we deliver as much news and original content as we can…all in a positive, fun and uplifting style!

  2. I want one too! Those shirts are too cute. I LOVE Party saurus Rex! I didn't even know about the short until I found your site on twitter and I'm so glad I did! I think you need to bring back the follow Rex photos on twitter, that was so fun to see new photos of rex everyday, Do you guys sell any Party saurus rex toys?

  3. Thank you for your feedback on the shirts, the PartySaurus Rex short and our site!! We were considering doing some more Follow Rex pics as well – we'll have to do some more prior to the re-release of Monsters, Inc. on Blu Ray (since PartySaurus will be on that release). Unfortunately, we do not sell any of our PartySaurus Toys at this point – although hopefully we'll see some in stores one day – we'll of course let you and our readers know if we hear any news about that!

  4. Those shirts are awesome! Please keep us all informed if those go on sale somewhere soon. You DESERVE the high praise. Your site is so upbeat and friendly – I don't know about your other readers but I feel as if I know you from your friendly approach to your posts. Like I said your site is the BEST out there!!!

  5. Ha…for a moment there, I thought our very own Julie was posting this. Our last name starts with a W as well. Either way – no, unfortunately these shirts were only produced for Pixar employees who worked on the short film. We would LOVE to see these produced though since everyone that sees them loves and wants one!Pixar Post – T.J.

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