New 2013 Released Mattel Die Cast Cars Hitting Shelves

2013 Pixar Die Cast Cars

Last month, Walmart stores were receiving holiday bins that were filled with new 2013-series die-cast Cars characters. Outside of Walmart though, no stores had the new die-cast Cars released…until yesterday. Target has started to receive shipments of the new Cars characters, so if you’re a collector you’ll want to start hitting the stores soon to celebrate.

At our local Target, they had Cactus Lightning McQueen, Grem with weapon, The King, Race team Luigi and Guido, Victor Hugo, Lightning Ramone, Francesco Bernoulli, Sarge and Holley with Screen.

To get a better idea of what’s coming as well, take a look at the 2013 poster of Cars releases. The poster below was originally uploaded to Takefiveaday’s site – click here to view the poster as well as some additional closer views.

Pixar 2013 die-cast Cars Toys Poster

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