For The Birds Plush Toy Review

For the Birds Pixar Plush Toy Review

For The Birds is an amazingly hilarious short film and this Disney Parks plush toy (6.25 inches / 15.9 cm tall) is funny in its own regard. We find it humorous because two reasons – first, because of the big intense eyes, and second, because it contains a squeaker that sounds a lot like the birds from the short. You can hear a clip of the bird squeaking that we recorded by clicking below.

If you haven’t checked out our in-depth write-up of For The Birds short with screenshots and insights from director Ralph Eggleston, check it out here.


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The best way to pick the For the Birds plush toy is to check out the current eBay listings since it is no longer for sale in the parks.

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  1. Hey Lori – Hmmm – I'm actually not sure any more. I dug around on eBay and Amazon and I can't find any listed any more. If I do come across something I'll be sure and let you know!

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